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Walker Hill Finance Is Known In The Industry For Getting Our Clients Results.

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We understand that your financial goals and current situation are unique, and our aim is to help you get the best outcome. Whether it’s a short-term cashflow solution or the finance needed for your dream home, let us help you make your next financial decision count.

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Free service

Let us do the legwork as we find you the best financial solution for your needs, with no cost to you.


Take the guesswork out of your asset hunt with a pre-approval process so you know exactly much you can borrow.

Maintain contact

Don’t be left in the dark on your loan application. Receive constant contact throughout the finance process, so you know how your application is processing.

Borrowing power

Increase your borrowing power with our team’s network and connections in the banking and finance industries.

Evaluate your needs

There is no such thing as a one size fits all for financial situations and goals. We understand this, ask the right questions and evaluate exactly what you’ll need to get the outcome you’re after.

Analyse your options

Understand your financial choices and let us analyse your finance options to find the best fit for your needs.

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We Understand That Your Financial Goals And Current Situation Are Unique, And Our Aim Is To Help You Get The Best Outcome. Whether It’s A Short-Term Cashflow Solution Or The Finance Needed For Your Dream Home, Let Us Help You Make Your Next Financial Decision Count.

Need Assistance With Some Finance?

Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter is a fully qualified mortgage broker who is ready to give you advice on the best
mortgage products and tailored policies. Ryan values long-term relationships and is always
willing to go the extra mile to ensure the best outcome and believes in making the mortgage application process a stress-free one.

Ryan joined the banking industry in 2002 and has been a Mortgage Broker since 2007. With a background in banking before becoming a Mortgage Broker in 2007, Ryan has built up a comprehensive knowledge of the ins and outs of mortgage broking. Ryan also boasts a strong network of professionals to help you achieve your new-home dreams.

When not at work, Ryan can be found relaxing on a beach or spending time with his young family.

Lucas Ferriday

Lucas Ferriday has been a part of the Walker Hill Finance team since the beginning. He is eager to always go above and beyond for his clients to ensure their financial security. His approach is to start with the end in mind, obtaining a complete understanding of client goals. From there, his major focus is to help make sense of the uncertainty of the banking world. Lucas achieves this by providing realistic solutions towards improving cashflow, managing and lowering debt more effectively, increasing savings and rationalizing borrowing potential.

Lucas is a fan of all things outdoors and when he isn’t on the phone with the bank or his clients, you can find him exploring in his 4WD or on a beach with his partner, and their husky.

Kathrine Parmenter

Kathrine Parmenter is a motivated Loan Writer who is committed to helping you find the right home loan solution. Kathrine is best known for going above and beyond to help turn your dreams into reality.

Kathrine is the go-to person for client queriers, with her extensive career in the banking and finance industries making her a master mind in the field. Kathrine values client service and always ensures that her clients get the best possible outcomes and that deadlines are met.

In her downtime, Kathrine enjoys getting away in her caravan with her hubby, poodles and camera.