Car Finance

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Finance available for:
  • Cars from  $15,000 +
  • Equipment and Machinery from   $10,000 +
  • Up to 100% Finance Available

Extras and modifications such as window tinting, sign writing, your choice of wheels/tyres & insurance can all be funded when buying through a dealer.

  • Competitive Rates
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  • Preapprovals put you in the driver’s seat with the dealer.

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Personal Car Finance

As your next new/used car is used as security for the loan, these are typically offered at a lower rate than a personal loan.
Extra repayments are permitted and save you interest.

Business Car Finance

Chattel Mortgage

We are happy to explain in easy to understand language your options for a Chattel Mortgage and help you make an informed decision that suits your business cash flow.

Buy Backs

Used your business cash flow or overdraft to make a major purchase and now regret it?
Buy back finance means you keep your asset and restore your cash flow.
We can fund recently purchased assets you already own.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase is and agreement where a lender agrees to purchase the car on behalf of the customer and hire it out for an agreed period of time with a fixed monthly payment.
The interest rate will not change for the period of the agreement..

Car Lease

A car lease is a business product which allows you to have the use of a car or commercial vehicle while the lender retains ownership of the vehicle for the term of your lease.

Novated Leasing

With this option you enjoy the benefit of using a vehicle leased by the business on behalf of the employee. The monthly repayments are fixed and deducted from the employee’s pre-tax income.

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